Civil engineering government job in USA

Civil engineering government job in USA
Civil engineering government job in USA
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Civil engineering government job in USA

The Department of Public Works of the County of San Mateo is looking

for contender for the situation of Assistant/Associate/Associate Civil Engineer

to join our gifted and committed group!

Associate Engineer is the section and student level in the expert

structural designing series. (assistant civil engineer jobs) Under prompt oversight,

representatives perform first-level proficient structural designing field and office

work while acting in a student limit on a wide assortment of

structural designing ventures regarding the arranging, plan,

development, and upkeep of County-kept up with offices.

Partner Engineer is the excursion level occupation characterization

and is liable for routine office or field projects.

Workers are relied upon to be completely equipped to autonomously

play out a full scope of obligations requiring an undeniable

degree of specialized skill, and some occasional administrative obligations.

Representatives may likewise fill in as an inhabitant engineer

on more modest, less complicated development projects.

Partner Civil Engineer is the enlisted venture level grouping

in the designing series. At this level, a serious level of

specialized aptitude and some occasional lead liabilities are required.

Under broad watch, officeholders might play out an assortment

of expert designing errands in such regions as arranging, plan,

and development review of streets, park trails, spans, waste,

sterile sewer frameworks, water supply, and other public works projects.

Partner Civil Engineers might give lead bearing to other staff in finishing

ventures of more prominent trouble and intricacy. Officeholders will be

needed to perform field work on the side of the arranging, plan,

as well as development investigation of public works projects.

NOTE: Associate Civil Engineer varies from the Associate Engineer

grouping in that Associate Civil Engineers are enrolled as expert

specialists in the State of California and may give lead heading

to other staff in finishing activities of more noteworthy trouble and intricacy.

There is presently one opportunity in the Design and Construction Unit.

The Assistant/Associate/Associate Civil Engineer doled out to the Design

and Construction Section would perform AutoCAD/Civil3D work and work

on Public Works framework activities like streets, seepage, holding dividers,

extensions, sewer, and other public works offices including the arranging,

planning, readiness of development bid reports, and review of public

works offices. This position may likewise include the application

and the executives of outside awards related with Public Works offices.

The compensation range for Assistant Engineer is $86,570 – $108,181 yearly.

The compensation range for Associate Engineer is $102,419 – $128,024 every year.

The compensation range for Associate Civil Engineer is $114,670 – $143,312 every year.

The ideal competitor is:

• Technically proficient and experienced in the standards and practices

of structural designing, and public works plan, development, and support.

• A powerful communicator, both orally and recorded as a hard copy;

ready to address the County in gatherings and introductions to

different gatherings including land owners, local gatherings,

administrative and other legislative offices, and the general population.

• Customer-centered and relationally viable in managing staff,

specialists, project workers, and general society, and in planning

with law authorization organizations, crisis responders,

and different offices when fundamental.

• Able to give data to people in general and other legislative organizations,

face to face or via phone, with respect to County methodology and guidelines,

office areas, plan prerequisites, and property proprietorship,

which might require the translation of arrangements and systems.

• Able to perform improvement plan audits and get ready arrangement survey remarks.

• Able to dissect and assess options, make sound suggestions,

and plan succinct and successful specialized staff reports.

• Accountable and ready to timetable and help through with tasks with freedom.

• Experienced in planning public works activities like street upgrades,

waste and flood control enhancements, parks offices,

water treatment and conveyance frameworks, and clean sewer frameworks,

• Experienced utilizing PC helped drafting programming like AutoCAD/Civil3D.

• Proficient in PC helped drafting and plan programming.

Obligations for these positions might incorporate, yet are not restricted to:

• Serve as inhabitant engineer on routine development projects.

• Perform obligations as head of party occupied with making reviews.

• Prepare plans, plans, and determinations for routine ventures.

• Assist in drafting and planning directions for bidders, proposition,

testimonies, bonds, particulars, change orders, and different

records and reports associated with the development of designing activities.

• Gather, accumulate, and figure information utilizing designing,

drafting, and computing instruments and procedures to get ready plans,

plans, gauges, specialized reports, and determinations for the development,

changes, support, and activities of an assortment of designing tasks.

• Supervise subordinate staff in an assortment of limits.

• Inspect development projects for conformance with particulars,

wellbeing norms, and government, state, and neighborhood guidelines.

• Conduct monetary expense and amount gauges for allocated projects.

• Perform related obligations as doled out.


Licensure/Certification: Candidates for Associate Civil Engineer

should have a substantial Certificate of Registration as a

Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California at the hour of recruit.

A few positions require ownership of a class C California driver permit or same.

Training and Experience: Any blend of instruction and experience

that would probably give the necessary information,

abilities and capacities is qualifying.

A common way of qualifying is:

• Assistant Engineer: Bachelor’s certificate in Civil Engineering

OR 24 semester units in structural designing courses and three

years of structural designing involvement with office,

field, or overview party work OR ownership of an Engineer in Training Certificate.

• Associate Engineer: Two years of expert structural designing

experience which has included field and office work in the arranging,

plan, development, and upkeep of an assortment of structural designing undertakings.

• Associate Civil Engineer: notwithstanding ownership of a

substantial Certificate of Registration as a Professional Civil Engineer

in the State of California at the hour of recruit, two years of expert

structural designing experience which has included field and office

work in the arranging, plan, development, and support of an

assortment of structural designing undertakings.

Information on:

Civil designing practices and methodology including plan and development strategies and procedures.

Strength, properties, and employments of materials and water power.

Civil designing plan and drafting standards.

Project the executives standards and practices.

Basic standards of management.

Surveying technique

Methods, materials, and hardware utilized in structural designing activities.

Methods, materials, and gear utilized in structural designing development work.

Construction examination procedures.

Principles of designing as they apply to public works projects.

Engineering arithmetic and their application to designing issues.

Expertise/Ability to:

• Perform designing computations and routine plan work.

• Solve looking over issues.

• Prepare flawless and precise guides, drawings, notes, and reports.

• Inspect structural designing work in progress.

• Prepare clear, brief correspondence and reports.

• Comply with wellbeing systems.

• Supervise subordinate staff.

• Operate overview hardware.

• Apply structural designing standards identified with transportation projects.

Open and Promotional. Anybody might apply. Current County of San Mateo

and County of San Mateo Superior Court of California workers with somewhere

around a half year (1040 hours) of persistent assistance in an arranged standard,

trial, or SEIU or AFSCME addressed extra-help/term position before the

last recording date will get five focuses added to their last breezing

through score on this assessment. Reactions to the supplemental poll

should be submitted notwithstanding our normal business application structure.

A resume won’t be acknowledged as a substitute for the necessary business

application and supplemental poll.

The assessment interaction will comprise of an application screening

(weight: Pass/Fail). A screening council will choose those candidates

whose preparation, experience, and reactions to the inquiries on the

business application and supplemental poll seem to best address the

issues of the position and welcome them to meet. Due to this cycle,

all candidates meeting the base prerequisites are not ensured

headway through any resulting period of the enrollment interaction.

Competitors who pass the application screening will be welcome to a

board talk with (weight: 100%), which might incorporate a composed

or execution work out. Contingent upon the quantity of utilizations,

an application evaluation of preparing and experience might be utilized

instead of assessments.

All assessments will be given in San Mateo County,

California and all candidates should take part at their own cost.

Significant: Applications for this position are acknowledged online as it were.

In case you are presently on the County’s site,

you might tap on the “Apply Online” button.

In case you are not on the County’s site,

kindly go to to apply.


Application Deadline: November 29, 2021

Application Screening: November 30 – December 2, 2021

Board Interviews:

December 13 as well as 14, 2021


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