How to apply job in Dubai Mall?

Dubai mall jobs
How to apply job in Dubai Mall the dubai mall commercial
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If you are looking for jobs in Dubai Mall, the first thing to do is scout out the mall.

The mall will be the epicentre of your job search.

Check the map for where each store is located and then make a list of what stores are hiring.

Next, make a list of which stores or restaurants that you would

like to work at and call their head office to see if they have any

internships or entry-level positions available. jobs in dubai for indians

Some malls will even post on their web sites which stores are hiring.

It is very important to start networking as soon as possible in order to get a job in Dubai Mall.

You should complete an online application for some stores in advance so that when you go into the store,

you can ask about available jobs right away.

If there are no openings at this time,

ask them to keep your resume on file so that they can contact you if something opens up in the future!

What salary offer in Dubai mall for the position of sale Executive

Every job offer comes with a salary package and dubai for freshers is no different.

The starting salary for a sale executive position is around AED8000 per annum,

but the salary can be increased up to AED10000.

what is the eligibility for applying for sales executive  jobs 

The eligibility requirements to apply for a Sales Executive

job at Dubai Mall include being at least 18 years of age,

enrolled in a degree program at an accredited higher education institution,

and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

what’s documents required

– Passport

– Visa application

– Latest certificate of service

– Cover letter

– Curriculum Vitae

what are working hours in Dubai mall for showroom sales executive

Working hours for a showroom sales executive in Dubai Mall are usually 9 am to 8 pm.

The employee should be able to work on weekends, but there is no overtime pay.

There is no formal dress code in the showroom mall but sales executives

should dress business casual, which means slacks and blouse or shirt with tie.