iOS and Android apps developer 5 to 7 years experience job location Bhopal

iOS and Android
iOS and Android apps developer 5 to 7 years experience job location USA
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Job description
Lead the development of iOS and/or Android apps.
You have a very good analytical ability to attack problems that are very
unusual and extremely difficult, comfortable with ambiguity
You have highly developed oral and written communication skills
Use your knowledge of server-side technology to architect applications or
data to build scalable, high-performing technology solutions
Write technical documentation used by the development

team during programming stages.

Experience & Skills:
5-7 years of mobile application development experience with at least two apps
that are on the app store that you are proud to discuss with us.
Expertise in You are proficient with the languages, tools, and frameworks core
to iOS or Android development (or both), including XCode, Android Studio,

Swift/SwiftUI, Java / Kotlin, React Native, etc.
Strong understanding of single responsibility principle
Understanding on hybrid app frameworks like Ionic / React Native/ Phone Gap
Good knowledge and experience on Restful APIs
Good understanding on Design Principles
Strong understanding of algorithms and data structures
Strong knowledge in Version Control
Good Communication skill.

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