King Khan is also afraid of failure

King Khan is also afraid of failure
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If you think that people who live only normal life are afraid of failure and fear, it is not so, actually the person who is most successful is frightened by the failure as much as you can.
We are not saying this but say King Khan, the most successful actor of the film world Shahrukh Khan.
It is known to everyone that today Shahrukh has wealth and prestige, respect and honor, but in the name of failure,
he still gets nervous. Indeed, Shahrukh has seen so many times in poverty and failure in his life that he still can not forget himself. Shahrukh had said in one place that ‘I am really afraid of failures. I have seen many failures because of being from middle class family. However, today king khan  is a role model for the youth who compete with poverty and setbacks and get the position.


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