Nawazuddin’s book is in controversy

Nawazuddin's book is in controversy
Nawazuddin's book is in controversy
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Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s biography (biography) is getting widespread in the day-to-day disputes. After the news of Miss Lovely Fame Niharika Singh’s affair with her, another relation has come to the headlines. Yes, in this book, he has revealed many of his affairs. The list of their X Girlfriends includes co-actresses to hotel waitresses. One such name is the actress Sunita Rajwar, who has been described by Nawaz as her first girl friend. He claimed that due to unemployment, when he was broken, he started thinking of suicide. At the same time, after this disclosure of Nawaz, Sunita has taken her hand, and through her Facebook post, she alleged that Nawaz has told many lies about the relationship between them.

Priyanka and Arshi raise controversy

Priyank Sharma and Arshi Khan’s controversy over Bigg Boss house has reached Court-Kachhar. The matter became serious when Priyank accused Arshi’s private life. Priyanka talked about Arashi’s Goa and Pune Sex Scandal. A ruckus broke out in the house when Arshi and Sapna Chaudhary had a very high argument. After this, Priyanka showed her color and told the dream about Arshi, which was a surprise to the householders.

Deepika’s waist does not glance at Ghumar

Recently, the song ‘Ghumar’ has been released by director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film ‘Padmavati’. Even though many people are liking it on YouTube, it is being said that it is completely different from the real Rajasthani dance ghoomar.
Even before this, many times Bollywood movies have been revolted, which is better than this chatter. Prior to Deepika, Ghumar was danced in actress Rekha and Karisma starrer Jubaida, which is considered well-known. In this, Charisma looked spectacular movements. This film was shot in Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Bharti going to marry on December 3

Famous comedian Bharti Singh (33) is going to get married, but till now his wedding date was not announced. Now Bharti has announced this with her fans. Yes, he shared a picture of his wedding photoshoot with the fiancé Harsh Limbichia and told her that he is going to marry on December 3.
At the same time, Harsh has also shared a romantic picture, declared a marriage date. Let’s say the couple will be married in Goa and they will go to Europe on this honeymoon.


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