Week of Love: Valentine Week 2024

Rose Day (7 February)

Express your love with roses.

Roses of different colors, lovers

A chance to express one's heart

Proposal Day (8th February)

Chocolate Day (9 February)

Taste of Sweet Love

Boxes of chocolates, a couple in love eating chocolates

Teddy Day (10 February)

 Express your love by gifting a cute teddy bear.

Teddy bear, lover

Promise Day (11 February)

 A Promise of Love and Fidelity

Title Couple shaking hands and making a promise2

Hug Day (12 February)

The feeling of love after a hug

Kiss Day 13 February

The most personal and purest act of love

Valentine's Day 14 February Feast of Love

Valentine Week is a special week dedicated to love. Use this week to make your loved ones feel loved.