What is the relation between Usman Ghazi and Ertugrul Ghazi?

Father of usman ghazi (Ertugrul Ghazi )
Father of usman ghazi (Ertugrul Ghazi )

Usman Ghazi

Ertugrul Ghazi
Ertugrul Bay

ertugrul is Osman’s father With a small part of the Kay tribe and only 400 tents

ertugrul embarked on the challenging road to the West

laying the foundation for one of the greatest empires

After Sultan Aleaddin was poisoned to death by Sadettin Kopek

he rebelled against the Kopek government and declared his country, Sugut, as the parliament building.

Father of usman ghazi (Ertugrul Ghazi )

his love and respect for his wife is well known

he and Sultan Halim gave birth to four sons at the age of 90 the last ten years of

his life were quietly spent in the tribe due to his advanced age

he transferred all the responsibilities to his young son Osman.

the historical evidence of his life is the coins minted by Ottomans,

which identify Ertugrul as his father’s name but apart from folk tales

not much is known about him

information and historical facts about him are kept in the Turkish archives,

the chronology of Ibn Arabi, the Western archives about the Templars,

the chronology and legends of Byzantium-but according to actor Engin Altan

these The information is only about 7 pages. Duzyatan,

he gave this great man life. never the less

Engin thinks it is a great honor to play Ertugrul because he is the first

person in Turkish history to break

away from the nomadic lifestyle and hope to build

a country that has lasted for the past 600 years.

We do know that he was buried in Sogut in 1280.

Surrounding his grave are the graves of Halime Sultan,

Hayme Mother, his sons Gunduz, Savci Bey,

Saru Batu and Osman, his brothers Dundar,

Turgut Alp, Samsa Alp, Abdurahman and many

other people in his Alps, they Arrived in Sogut with Ertugrul Bey.

Those who were not buried there died on the way

Osman Ghazi

Osman Ghazi

Ottoman is known as the father of the Ottoman Empire

because the expansion of the Ottoman territory began with his Beylik Principality.

In historical books, you will often see the rule of the Ottoman Empire known as the Ottoman dynasty. Osman arrived at his parents very late. He was born in the old age of Ertugrul and Halima.

when Osman was born (1258), Ertgurul was about 67 years old, and Halim was also older.

he was considered a miracle sent by

god when normal women were infertile

historians believe that there was a black hole in Ottoman history during Ottoman’s lifetime

because the record about him was only

discovered 100 years after his death


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