How many people are allowed to go in best price?
How many people are allowed to go in best price?

Just 50 individuals who have Best Price card member ship at a time enter in side for shopping with loaded with security they check your temperature first than they will permit you to get inside.

In Lockdown all grocery shopping center are only accepting orders thought online App or web.

Best Price is only accepting orders through app there is no fixed time for online orders but when you processed the payment option you might be able to wait due to the heavy traffic  but you don’t need to quit that orders keep trying they will accept your order.

Best Price home Delivery

Only members can order thought online if you have a best price membership card than only you can make order.

Home Delivery will take 2 to 7 days depends on your location

They preferred to take those order which comes in the range of 7 km to 10 km (it depends) in the lockdown session

Best Price Payment option

During the lockdown session the Best Price is give only one option.

Online Payment only

Stock is limited in online booking?

Yes I was facing this issue when I was order online grocery from Best Price actually grocery items are limited they don’t have much stock

Suggestion – what all items are available you just book it now.

Don’t wait for full options

Best Price and Dmart have Still better rates comparatively others in online grocery companies.

Best Price store is not open for shopping, only online delivery is acceptable during lockdown after open a lockdown store will open on same time.

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