How to Make a lighten decorative American flag
DIY Ideas for Independence day

To enjoy the essence of freedom, let’s decorate your outdoor area with a DIY decorative American flag. This flag will lighten up your place with the spirit of patriotism and celebration of the independence day.

DIY Ideas for Independence day

Collect the below stuff:

A piece of cardboard or you can use any old signboard (usually of sunpack sheet).
To lighten up, set of 35 red lights, 35 white lights and 20 blue lights.
A measuring tape or a ruler.
Something to punch holes with like a screwdriver or you can use punching machine.
Acrylic colours- White, Blue and Red

How to Make a lighten decorative American flag:

Step: 1

Take a cardboard and draw a mark over on the distance of every 2 inches. There will be a total 11 marks vertically in which 5 are blue and 6 are red and 7 marks horizontally in which 4 are blue and 3 are red.  (if you want you can make a note of the colours they will be).

Step: 2

Carefully punch a hole on each mark. In this step, you need to be careful that it should not loose or it may ruin the beautiful display.

Step: 3

Paint the board exactly as flag including blue rectangle in the corner. Fill the red colour one after white colour if your board is already in white colour, you may leave it uncoloured as shown in the video.


Turn the board and fill the hole with lights of different colours as blue, red and white.

Now, just plugin wires and install it on outdoor on some height. This is a small effort to show patriotism by decorating your outdoor with crafting these simple steps lighten American flag. It is requested not to leave it unattended for longs hours. Always keep eye on it and unplug it if no one is available at home. 

Happy UK independence day 2019

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