connect mobile with tv
Smart TVs are friendly to connect through internet but if you want to connect other than smart TV

Mobiles are smart enough to handle all your digital life begins from office work to the social platforms.

It has emerged as the need of connecting phones to other devices like projector, laptop or television. Although connecting phones to laptop is quite easier but there are still lots of people are not much aware how to connect to TV.

Smart TVs are friendly to connect through internet but if you want to connect other than smart TV, you may need of alternate methods to connect such as MHL, Slim port, USB cables or HDMI.

Connect Mobile phones to laptop through MHL(Micro USB to HDMI Cable):-
MHL, short form of Mobile High definition Link is the most commonly used method for connecting mobile phones to your television. This technology enables MHL compatible devices such as tablets and smart phones to connect to tv or projector. Official MHL website provides a list of MHL compatible devices.

In this method, you will need a MHL enabled phone, USB cable to HDMI MHL cable or adapter, Display with HDMI Cable, HDMI Cable and power cable.

To connect to TV via MHL,hook up your phone with MHL adapter or cable. The adapter will require power that you can supply through USB cable or a variety of cables/adapter in the market comes along with the power source in the unit. The next step is to connect tv through HDMI or MHL Cable. MHL is simplest method which is easily available in the market the thing you required is the compatible mobile phone.

Connect Phone to TV Using SlimPort

The method connecting mobile phones to television is similar to MHL. Both the technologies serve in the same way yet the difference you will find in the output. MHL is confined to HDMI video output while SlimPortserves via HDMI, DVI, Display Port as well VGA.

The other difference you will find of the power supply. MHL (excluding MHL 2.0) requires power connection or it draws from the mobile. However, SlimPort does not draw power from mobile device.

The devices you need to connect a phone to your TV using a Slim Port adapter are Slim Port-compatible phone, a Slim Port cable or adapter, Video cable, Display with HDMI, DVI, Display Port, or VGA input.
You can enjoy your mobile phone to your large TV just by connecting Slim Port adapter into the phone. Then connect this adapter to display through good quality cable. It is just play and plug.

Connecting Tablet or Mobile to TV Using a USB Cable

If you want to connect the mobile to tv just for screen mirroring, the simplest method is USB cable. The basic you need is that your tv should have USB port, a phone and a USB cable. The method is identical to the MHL or SlimPort. However, different phones are compatible with different USB cables. For connecting iPhonesor iPad, you need lightning cable including i-pad mini and i-pad pro only iPad and earlier use 30-pin cable.

Connect through Wireless

Connecting through wireless is one of the best options that secure the connection without any hassles of wires and adapters. To connect, you need to connect your mobile phone on the same network. You can download an app i.e. Allcast although many new versions of mobile phones have miracast support. To enable, click on setting and go to cast then enable wireless display option. You will see a list of devices among choosing TV. Alternate, you can use streaming services like Google Chrome Cast or Roku Streaming Stick or Amazon fire TV stick which enable your mobile phone (android 4.4.2 or more) connecting to the television through wireless connectivity. 

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