How to Make Pubg Trigger at Home in Simple 7 Steps
Design one more trigger for left hand and use it while playing pubg.

You are very close to your chicken dinner and automatically gun fired or you are unable to react instantly, goddamn you lost the game. you may not if you have a L1R1 trigger yeah, a pubg trigger that will help you to earn more RP and will help you to go on crown 1. So, why not we create this trigger at home. Let’s collect the stuffwhich are easily available at home

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Popsicle Sticks (4x)
  • Double Sided Tissue Tape
  • Double Sided Padding Tape
  • Plastic Card
  • Superglue
  • Pliers, scissors, ruler, cutter knife

How to Make PUBG Trigger:

Step 1:

Cut Popsicle sticks corners in 2 parts one of 2.2 cms and one of 3.5 cms. WIth three centres of 4cms. See the picture below for reference

Step: 2

Paste two centre parts to each other and corners at vertical position same as below.

Step: 3

Paste double sided tape on the small size of the stick.

Step: 4

Paste double sided foaming tape to aluminium foil and cut it with the help of paper cutter.

Step: 5

Cover the strcuture of trigger with an aluminium foil from the stick side of double sided tape to the long side of the stick.

Step: 6

Cut small stripes of plastic card and fold it twice from one end. Paste remaining aluminium foil wrapped with double sided foam tape.

Step: 7

Paste a plastic card strip to the structure of the trigger same as in the picture below.

Similarly design one more trigger for left hand and use it while playing pubg.

The triggers are homemade and obviously at zero cost. It may be that the trigger is exactly not fitting on your mobile phone’s screen. So, you can make it of exact size by taking proper measurement of your mobile screen. Pasting and cutting should be finish and in appropriate parameters so that it works without putting you in any trouble.

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