Naked bath in video conference Brazilian president faced a strange situation

Naked bath in video conference of President of Brazil
Naked bath in video conference of President of Brazil

Naked bath in video conference

Sao Pavlo -Corona keeps on unleashing ruin around the world.

All countries are meeting continuously to deal with this global epidemic.

Most of which are resorting to video conferencing to maintain social distancing.

During one such video conferencing the Brazilian president faced

a strange situation when an entrepreneur appeared completely naked and taking a shower.

As a matter of fact,

the President of Brazil was holding an audit meeting on the status

of corona disease in the nation through the zoom application.

The gathering was sorted out by the Federation of Industries Sao Paulo

During the video conferencing a (specialist forgot to turn off his video)

neglected to kill his video feed and during the gathering,

took garments off before the camera and went totally exposed.

During the meeting

Brazilian industrial minister Paulo Geddes was surprised to see

entrepreneurs taking their clothes off and taking a shower in front of everyone.

They immediately closed her video feed.

At this Brazilian President Jair Bolnasaro asked

if a person in the last line left the video conferencing in the middle,

did he suffer any trouble?

Brazilian Industry Minister Paulo Geddes responded to the President that the man was bathing naked.

After this, President Jair Bolsonaro said that unfortunately we also caught sight of him.

However his picture was not clearly seen in the video.

Many big Brazilian officers and businessmen were also involved

in this meeting organized in the country regarding the effect of lock down.


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