Smart Mobile Apps for Smart Women
Smart Mobile Apps for Smart Women

If she is a home-maker, she wants to make some extra money.

If she is a mother, she wants to continue her job. If she is a science student, she loves to do poetry and there are so many more things that she can do, she wants to or she loves to do. But, where time was constraint where and how to do were also a major concern. Indeed, mobile apps bring major breakthrough in women’s lives and help them to do whatever they want to do. Mobile apps provide a platform to do much more than sending funny jokes right from earning money to online shopping. Some apps are specifically designed for women to explore their creativity, showcase their talent and can earn some extra money. So, let’s get into some amazing apps where she can pour her best and can get the best result.


SHEROES is a women community platform which is more than a social media account. It offers support, resources, opportunities and interaction. It is a safe space which is trusted by millions of women users where they can discuss about their health, problems, career, relationships, achievements, moments and can their life story.

A dedicated SHEROES helpline provide counselling on all aspects of their growth journey. It offers a range of products including SHE-prevention of sexual harassment at work platform, a managed remote solution program and Brand Promotion.

2. Fuzia:

Fuzia is a social media platform that helps to showcase talents and creativity in any form either it is part of writing, photography, travelling, painting, fashion or cooking. It is a global network that gives you recognization and accreditations from all over the world.

You can learn many new aspects, art form, DIY, Blogs, motivational thoughts and so on. Many days in a week, she can find competitions in verse fields to motivates work and earn a handsome amount of money. The users are girls only that helps to keep eye on the privacy and security.

3. Jobforher:

Jobforher is a Banglore based organization that is already associated with more than 750 companies including snapdrive, Godrej group, Future group, Citibank and so on. They offers job opportunities for her ranging from full time, part-time, freelance, work from home and also internships. This is one of the best apps that helps women to do work from home or freelance. The best opportunity to tune your career with a motherhood responsibility.

4.Her Second innings:

Her second innings works with an aim to empowered women at all levels in addition to finding jobs. When women join her work after a long break, she has lot of confusion in her mind about skillset, experience, package and new opportunities.

There are e-coaching session for personal development or development of skill sets with grooming. Although, it has presence in Bangaluru and Mumbai but offers work from home opportunity, permanent job, temporary assignments, entrepreneur opportunity, projects and consultancy too.


Womeniya is also a social media platform that offers a wide range of activity, counselling and tips sharing. The domain includes tips and discussion on various topics like Cooking, Fashion, Makeup, Skincare,Hair care,Art & craft, Home decor,Weight loss, Health & fitness, Pregnancy, Parenting, Devotional, Astrology and Motivational.

It is one of the best mobile apps that helps housewives and girls to watch and share informative videos in Hindi, connect with other women of same interest. She can also ask questions to experts and share their opinion too.

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