The Story of Wizard's Magic
The Story of Wizard's Magic

This is an old Indian fable. There was once a mouse who like all the mice was afraid of cats. A wizard felt sorry for the mouse and offered to help it overcome its fear. The Mouse willingly agreed to wizard’s offer. So the wizard turned thee mouse into a cat.

Now the cat was afraid of dogs. The wizard cast his spell again and turned the cat into a dog. The dog, however,was afraid of tiger. The god , however was afraid of tigers.The kind wizard used his magic once more.The dog become a tiger.

No sooner had the dog become a tiger than it was fearful again. The wizard discovered that the tiger was now afraid of hunters.finally, the wizard realised that all his help was in vain.

He said to tiger in disgust, you are hopeless. what you really need is a change of heart , That I cannot give you.

Story credit to irish castillo

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