US Resume
US Resume for Google Step Internship

To make a US resume for a Google STEP internship, you should follow these steps:

Start with a strong header. This should include your name, email address, phone number, and mailing address. You may also want to include a link to your LinkedIn profile or personal website.

Summarize your skills and experience. This is a brief overview of your most relevant qualifications, including your technical skills, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities.

List your work experience. Start with your most recent job and work your way back. Be sure to include the name of the company, your job title, and your dates of employment. For each job, list your key responsibilities and accomplishments.

List your education. Start with your most recent degree and work your way back. Be sure to include the name of the school, your degree, and your dates of attendance. You may also want to include any relevant coursework or honors.

List your skills and abilities. This includes both technical and soft skills. For technical skills, list any programming languages, software development tools, and other technologies that you are proficient in. For soft skills, list any transferable skills that you have, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Proofread your resume carefully. Make sure that there are no errors in grammar or spelling.

Here are some additional tips for writing a strong resume for a Google STEP internship:

Be specific and quantify your accomplishments. Whenever possible, use numbers and metrics to demonstrate your impact.

Tailor your resume to the specific internship you are applying for. Highlight the skills and experience that are most relevant to the role.

Use keywords throughout your resume. This will
help your resume get noticed by Google’s applicant tracking system (ATS).

Get your resume reviewed by a trusted friend, family member, or career counselor.

Once you have finished writing your resume, be sure to save it in a PDF format. This will ensure that it is formatted correctly when you submit it onlin

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