Five days diet plan guaranteed weight loss
Before and after weight loss transformation

Detox for 5 days only

First Day -Its Fruits day

Day one you can take all fruits apart from Banana , some of suggested fruits that you can take watermelons, cantaloupe,
water should take atlest more than 3 liters a day,

Day Second – Its a Vegetable Day all vegetable a part from potato

vegetable’s can take in any form boil or cooked stake ( in olive oil) and Raw .

This women loss wait before and after weight loss
This women loss wait before and after weight loss photo’s

Day Three

Mix Fruits & Vegetable Diet

morning vegetable & fruits

In lunch you can have fruits and Vegetable and same in dinner as well as .

Day Four

Take one glass of Warm water with 1/2 of lemon juice in morning and walk or run for 15 mins and take deep breath and Exercise atlest 15 to 20 mins

In Break fast

Oats meal ,wheat bread or low fat milk and one fresh fruit.

Lunch :- chapati, brown rise with low fat curd & green salad and vegetables

dry fruits and green tea suggested to take .

Dinner -Streamed vegetable & brown rise and butter milk

Before bad – 1 glass warm lemon water

use lemon and other source of vitamins c ,row tomato ,Grapes fruits ,strawberry,amla

Fifth Day

liquid Diet Day All Juices ,avoid cold drink and diet cock.

Take low calories diet food ( 500 cal /day) for 21 days.

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