Top Free Music Apps
Top Free Music Apps Updated- 2021

Top Free Music Apps Updated- 2021

Music is one of the best therapies to keep stress away. It helps to be happy and healthy. Many mobile apps provide free listening of songs legally but, if you want to listen offline and without advertisements you just need to download that song.

Trending Music Apps and Free Download

A nethead knows about all freaks to download the songs but if you are new and wants to know how to download Bollywood or Hollywood songs let’s check. The top picks of the world for free music streaming apps on Android phones and iPhone.


Spotify is the most extensive music streaming app in the world. It has more than 30 million tracks and 83 million paying users. The apps provide you option for free streaming, shuffle, finding and listening to tracks which are limited in the free version while you can enjoy full services only at $ 9.99 per month or $14.99 as a family plan. For free download Android and iPhone.



Pandora is a radio-style mobile app. you can enjoy the personalized station after entering the name of an artist, genre or songs. The more you listen to the song, it will understand your taste and will recommend accordingly. It is free with but add supported and the number of skip music is limited.

The Pandora Plus Plan lets you add free services with four off line stations, unlimited skips, replays and high-quality audio. So, get the free download Pandora App on Android and iOS.

iHeart Radio;

iHeart radio app is the best music streaming app. you can listen to free music, live radio, podcast, news and also can create your own radio station as per the music choice. The app is adds free and you do not need to create an account to listen to music but you can skip the limited number of songs in a day. Free iHeart Radio app is available for iOS and Android IOS and Android.

Youtube Music

Youtube music is an extremely simple music app more look like Spotify. A library is a place where you can check your all downloads, history, saved music, recently played music as well playlist. The music streaming in-app is free with commercial add which you can remove by registered to premium services only at $ 9.99. In addition, you will get offline access, background listening and so many. For free download YouTube Music app Android and iOS appAndroid and iOS app


Deezer is one of the best free music apps of which free version ‘Deezer’s Flow’ feature helps you to discover new tracks and new artists. It has unlimited playlist creations while many some playlists are created based on the mood or individual artists. It’s premium version provides additional features of high-quality audios and offline listening. For free download, , Click Here.

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